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5 ways to support Creative Commons

On October 1st, Creative Commons launched their 3rd annual fundraising campaign.Their goal is to raise $500.000 until the end of the year and they nearly collected $130.000 up to now. But besides their appeal for donations, they ask people to help them grow the commons in 5 ways (the number five is pointed out like […]

Free Me: Free Culture at it’s best!

Out now on DVD and on the Net: Free Me is a DVD full of Free Culture and Free Licenced Works which you are encouraged to download, to experience and to share. It uses Creative Commons and GNU-Licences and unites a Linux-LiveCD with free movies, music, photos and literature. You’ll find well-known works like Elephants […]

Let’s get it started

Who we are and what we want. We are supporters of the idea of Creative Commons, a non-profit organisation, which is committed to offer artists the opportunity of simply granting public rights to their works. By loosening copyright regulations, Creative Commons enables liberal usage of works according to their credo “some rights reserved” instead of […]