14. May 2007

Out now on DVD and on the Net: Free Me is a DVD full of Free Culture and Free Licenced Works which you are encouraged to download, to experience and to share. It uses Creative Commons and GNU-Licences and unites a Linux-LiveCD with free movies, music, photos and literature. You’ll find well-known works like Elephants Dream or Trusted Computing, the Wired-CD, e-books by Lessig and Stallman as well as many Public Domain books like Shakespeare, Grimm’s Fairy Tales or Sherlock Holmes.

The idea for this came about after I’d been doing a lot of reading, mostly of freely distributable texts such as Free Software, Free Society by Richard Stallman and Free Culture by Lawrence Lessig: I really felt strongly that these were important issues and was going to forward some copies to my MP. I then started to take the idea a bit further, and after being inspired by the iPods for Senators campaign in America, I decided to put together a DVD with loads of examples of Free Culture to show exactly what has ALREADY been achieved. What better way to promote Free Culture than to show off its achievements?

You can download the files via bittorrent or get a copy for cost of postage and materials. The DVD is an atempt to raise awareness of the Free Culture Movement, the issues that surround it, and the potential value it has for our society. Nice idea, get free licences out of the net to let you experience its possibilities. Sounds familiar, doesn’t it?

via Antischokke

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