27. April 2007

Who we are and what we want.

We are supporters of the idea of Creative Commons, a non-profit organisation, which is committed to offer artists the opportunity of simply granting public rights to their works. By loosening copyright regulations, Creative Commons enables liberal usage of works according to their credo “some rights reserved” instead of “all rights reserved”.

To put it in a nutshell, this means that works which are published under a Creative Commons licence may be re-used and re-mixed. And this pool of creative works offers new material for others to build upon and create new works. There are entire philosophies based on this idea by now, concerning free exchange of music, pictures, texts and videos in the internet. Our aim is to transfer this philosophy back into real life and make it perceptible and understandable for a wider public. Following the motto of the Open Music Contest which is hosted by the AStA of the University of Marburg and where artists present music licenced under CC, we’d like to attract the public’s attention. We are intending to reach this aim by a wide variety of events like actions, campaigns and exhibitions – detached from internet and detached from computers.

It is important to mention that “we” is not meant to be seen as an elected committee, which designs and accomplishes the events mentioned above. Currently “we” are bloggers, interested parties and internet activists, who share their belief in the liberal usage of digital contents. That means that everyone who identifies with the philosophy of Creative Commons, Open Access or Open Source and who likes to initiate own events to let others experience and touch on this philosophy is invited to participate. Apart from specific events, our very aim is to raise awareness of Creative Commons and like-minded organisations in order to attain acceptance and encouragement for the philosophy we share.

Our weblog offers the opportunity for you to keep track of current events, to organise own events, to provide necessary assistance and to bring together like-minded people, which might help you organising events in your own city. We also have in mind to spread the message among Creative Commons newbies and get them informed about topics like Open Source and Open Access.

To get all these things done, we need every helping hand! Due to this, here’s our appeal: If you think there’s anything you can do for us, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us!

We have already started planning our first exhibition of CC licensed pictures and photographies in Cologne (Germany). Further details will follow soon. Venue and date are not set yet. And again: Your help is more than welcome!

Currently we’re looking for:

  • authors, who feed this weblog with information about Creative Commons, Open Access, Open Source and related events
  • designers for digital and print media, who would like to support us concerning our website, flyers and posters
  • native speakers, who assist us with translating our internet pages into English ;)
  • etc. pp (there is so much more to do)
  • We’re also offering a Twitter-Group (http://twitter.com/zeitgeisty/) to keep you up to date!
    Just one more thing: Feel free to blog about Zeitgeisty and to spread the message!

    Notice: zeitgeisty ist not related to or founded by Creative Commons

    We look forward to your assistance.

    We’re currently working on an English translation of this weblog – unfortunately everything needs its time…

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